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Poker Challenge Coins: A Unique Way to Make an Impression

Poker Coins

Custom poker challenge coins, aka card guards, make the perfect addition to your poker run or tournament. Crafted in your choice of metal as well as the size and shape that best fits your needs, they're the type of memento that leaves a big impression on the people that they're given to.

Poker coins are unique gifts that are attractive in appearance and rich with personal sentiment. They are quickly becoming one of our bestselling products and for good reason! People love gifts that are meaningful and practical. A look through our online gallery will show you precisely what we're talking about. Our customers love custom poker coins.

How a Custom Card Guard Protects a Hand

When a player wants to protect his or her hand, a custom card guard can be used to weigh the cards down and prevent them from being knocked off a table or flipped over where other players can see them. This keeps a hand from being 'mucked' and a player from losing because of his or her misfortune. Custom poker coins are one way that a sponsor gets his or her name out to the public. The mementos often have the logo or name of the companies sponsoring the poker run or tournament on them.

Poker coins are incredibly personal mementos that are attractive and memorable. That's why so many businesses and organizations have added custom poker challenge coins to their list of things to buy for upcoming events and tournaments. What other type of giveaway item has the visual appeal, durability, and perceived value of a custom poker coin? Order yours today!

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Challenge Coins Express Today’s Leader in Custom Challenge Coins

Our custom challenge coins are available in a variety of custom precious metal platings and can be fitted with a range of different standard or upgrade options. We also offer the ability to truly customize the presentation and packaging of your order in acrylic or velvet cases, or on custom printed card stock. We place our customers first in our client centric approach to custom products. All of these qualities and more make Challenge Coins Express today’s leader in custom challenge coins.


What’s Included with Your Order?

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  • 100% Quality Guarantee
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