Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Custom Challenge Coins
Our minimum order quantity for custom challenege coins 100. However, we are able to work with smaller quantities on a case-by-case basis. Please call us at 1-866-467-3423 to see how we might be able to assist you with lower than minimum quantities.

Q: Am I Required to Order in Lots of 100?
While our minimum order quantity is 100, you can order any exact quantity of custom challenge coins. You can order 183 challenge coins, or 642 challenge coins, any quantity that you may need!.

Q: Are the Sizes Listed On Your Website the Only Sizes Available?
While the sizes listed on our website represent the most common sizes for custom challenge coins, we can custom manufacture any specific size as long as the design is producible. Small text will typically come out at sizes smaller than 3/4″. We can produce challenege coins ranging from approximately 1/4″ in diameter up to 3″. Specific MM and CM sizes are available.

Q: What Materials & Metals Are Our Challenge Coins Made From?
All of our custom challenge coins are struck or cast from metal. The base metal used depends on the type of challenge coin, as well as other factors and availability. The types of metals we use include copper, brass, steel and zinc alloy. We can also provide products made from aluminum and stainless steel upon request.

Q: Once I place an Order, How Long Will it Take to Receive my Challenge Coins?
Once your design has been approved, and your order placed, we place your challenge coins order into production immediately. Our production process typically takes between 5-10 days, and we offer overnight shipping free with every order. This places your total turnaround time between 7-12 days.

Q: Why Are There So Many Different Styles of Challenge Coins, and How Do I Know Which is Best for Me?
Each of the different styles of challenge coins we manufacture offer a unique appearance according to your needs and preference. The primary difference between each style is purely aesthetic. Deciding on a particular style is all up to your preference for what your final challenge coins will look like, including the metal plating color, polished or antique finish and other customized options.

Q: What File Formats Do You Accept Artwork In?
We can work with the following file formats: .ai, .eps, .psd, .pdf, .tiff, .png, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .wmf, .ppt, .doc

What’s Included with Your Order?

  • Free Design & Digital Proof
  • Unlimited Design Revisions
  • Free UPS Air Shipping
  • 100% Quality Guarantee
  • 7-10 Day Production Time