Dog Tag Challenge Coins Honor Heroes

Dog tag challenge coins are the type of custom gift that people respond well to. Often given to members of the military and their families, the unique mementos can be worn around the neck like traditional dog tags or carried on a keychain.

Dog tag challenge coins are authentic because they look like real dog tags. They are double sided which gives you plenty of space to include information about your military unit. If you want ideas on ways to make your mementos stand out in a crowd, try something visually appealing like a 3D image. Have your dog tag challenge coins dual plated in gold and silver or black nickel and gold for a truly distinguished look.

Custom Made for Your Military Unit

Dog tags make special mementos for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. They're also great for businesses and organizations looking to instill a sense of pride in their employees, members, and volunteers. For decades, challenge coins have been used to reward, thank, encourage, support, and commemorate members of the military and their families for their commitment and service.

You can do the same for your military members. Give them something they can be proud of. Dog tag challenge coins gain recognition wherever they go. People respond well to them because of their attractive appearance, personal details, and Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard ties.

Bottle opener mechanisms can be added to the dog tag shaped challenge coins as a way of making them useful tools. Popping the top off a frosty beverage with your keepsake item. With dog tag shaped challenge coin bottle openers, you'll always have a tool on

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